Get unwanted hair removed with laser hair removal Thailand

Laser hair removal Thailand is the process that involves a light that uses wavelengths that’ll damage the end on the hair or the hair follicles. The light is adjusted to just the right strength so there’s just enough damage is done to avoid or decrease the amount of hair that’ll grow back. The light that’s used in this procedure aim the high pigmented colors of the hair.

Important! Before the Procedure

If you’re planning to have laser hair removal Thailand treatment, it’s important to stay out of the sun for a few weeks before the procedure.  If you have dark or tan colored skin can make the hair removal difficult or may be impossible. In addition, if you’re on any medications, let the doctor know before the treatment. There are some medications that can hinder and reduce the effects of the treatment.  Keep in mind that with any procedure that there are risk.

After Treatment

After, the treatment there are some that experience a little bit of pain but is manageable.  The level of discomfort while the procedure is being conducted is noted to be similar to the feeling of someone pricking you.  However, if the treatment is being preformed in sensitive areas, such as the groin/bikini and the armpit areas then the pain is evitable. Talk to your doctor about your concerns about the pain and the possibility of using anesthesia.

The Location

The hair removal can be preformed in either a laser hair treatment facility or in a doctor’s office. The time of the treatment can range from one hour to several hours.  There may be a need to have more than one sessions.  Before the procedure is started a numbing lotion is applied to the area in which the laser treatment is being done.  During, the laser hair removal Thailand a laser is used to distribute a fine intense beam of light that’s heated, which removes the hair follicles, but keeps the surrounding skin preserved.  The laser is able to scan a wide area during the process of removing hair.

Once the treatment is completed, you can return home right after, and your normal activities can be resumed as well.  However, activities, such as Jacuzzi use, sun tanning and exercise is not suggested for at least 24-hours. In addition, you should use any wax or depilatory creams.

After Care

After the laser hair removal Thailand it may be suggested that you gently clean the area that was treated with a mild soap. Your doctor may also prescribe a lotion that should be used after the procedure.  In addition, an antibiotic ointment and other kinds of topical location may be needed as well. The majority of the time, discomfort is minimal as doesn’t require medication.  If you have pain that’s unmanageable or have red or white bumps, ingrown hairs or scabs it should be reported to the doctor right away.

Side Effects

 Side effects of laser hair removal Thailand are usually temporary and rare. Some side effects are hyper pigmentation, skin that’s sensitive may become slightly crusty, which is temporary and burning of the skin and discoloring of darker skin.