Tummy tuck Thailand: Get a flatter stomach

It would be really nice if everyone could have a  flat stomach and keep it that way. It seems that it’s every women and men’s dream to have a stomach that’s flat. However, sometimes all the sit-ups and regular exercise, although excising is always a help, in addition, to eating a healthy and balanced diet isn’t always enough  to get the flat stomach that’s desired so the easiest solution is to have tummy tuck Thailand to attain that goal.

The Right Candidate

If you’re going to go for tummy tuck Thailand then first, you have to be a candidate for the surgery. This surgery is for both women and men with a flat belly.  Generally, the surgery is performed on people that suffer from sagging skin after they have lost a large amount of weight, and for women after pregnancy also opt to have this procedure done to get rid of the lose tissue.

Before Surgery

Before the surgery there will be a health checkup and lab test to determine the status of your current health condition.  In addition, there are some cases in which medications are prescribed one or two weeks prior to the surgery.  If you’re taking any herbal supplements, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs then you should stop taking them. 

The Procedure

When tummy tuck Thailand is preformed you’ll be given general anesthesia at the start of the tummy tuck. The operation is preformed on the section horizontal on the lower stomach.  Depending on the amount of skin that has to be removed the length of the incision will vary. The incision can sometimes be made around the navel or the skin is lifted, in order, to remove the unwanted fat. 

The placement of the naval remains in intact and the flap of the skin is put back into place. Then the incision is stitched and bandaged so the skin is protected from scaring. The surgery take up to one to two hours.  However, if you’re having a full tummy tuck then it can take between one to five hours to complete. Depending on how extensive the surgery is , generally you have to stay at the hospital stay for two nights. 

Complications & Risk

Although, complications are rare you’ll experience a significant amount of pain and discomfort after tummy tuck Thailand. For the following days, you’ll experience tiredness, bruising and numbness. Other sign effects the are common include allergic reactions, bleeding, infection and nerve injury. When you have healed from the surgery, generally, there are no scars that are visible. However, the minor scars will take some time to heal completely.

After Care

After three months after the surgery you should work out your abdominal area, however, within two to three weeks you can begin to do mild exercise.  So when you opt to have a tummy tuck Thailand you can expect to get rid of unwanted, extra fat, loose skin and weakened stomach muscles. Once this surgery is completed and you have had a full recovery you’ll love the results of the tummy tuck.