Breast reconstruction Thailand: Rebuild yourself after Cancer

If you have gone through the battle of breast cancer, then you know that the battle is long and hard. To make things worse sometimes there’s a need for a mastectomy. So when you decide to undergo breast reconstruction Thailand the whole purpose is to provide a woman with symmetry after she has had a mastectomy.  A plastic surgeon will be able to recreate your breast as close as possible to the natural breast in appearance and shape.

Considering Factors

Breast reconstruction Thailand is customized for the patient and has many determining factors, which include the type if mastectomy that was preformed, whether or not the reconstruction is done soon following the surgery or should there be a waiting period.   Once these factors have been considered you’ll find out that the surgery is a combination of top notch surgical technology, in addition, to the art of sculptor so the breast can be reconstructed as prefect as possible.

The Procedure Options

For many the breast stands for nurturing and when you have a breast that was lost to cancer, often times the female can feel as if she’s incomplete.  With this surgery the goal is to restore the mound of the breast through the process of various methods, which depend on the patients preferences, medical history and the status of their health.  Your breast  mound can be created by the use of a tissue expander that’s placed under the chest wall tissues and is expanded at intervals after the initial surgery.

Your own tissue can in many cases can be use to develop a breast mound through the use of tissue from either the back or the abdomen.  However, if there’s not enough tissue to create the breast size then breast reconstruction Thailand uses a small implant that’s filled with saline, which is added to improve the volume of the breast.  Lastly, there are some surgeons that will use tissues from other areas of the body, such as the buttocks to recreate the breast mound with the method of microsurgery. 

When a woman loses a breast to cancer or some other precancerous disease, there’s no doubt that it can be an emotionally dramatic experience. An expert plastic surgeon will do the up most to do reconstruction of the breast, in order, to restore the balance, harmony and beauty to your body.  Although, this surgery is ideal for women, who have undergone a mastectomy, the procedure can also be preformed on women that desire to improve their breast due to the affects of pregnancy, gravity and aging of the breast.


So the decision is up to whether or not you want to undergo breast reconstruction Thailand. There are many experienced surgeons that will be able to reconstruct your breast in the best way possible and making sure that your breast will appear as natural as if they were your own. 

Breast reconstruction Thailand will not erase what you have been through, however, with this surgery, you’ll be able to get a piece of you that was taken. When you have breast reconstruction surgery  you’ll feel complete and like yourself once again.