Gynecomastia Thailand: Reduce male breast

For various reasons, sometimes, male breast becomes fatty and start to sag, so instead, of having a masculine and healthy appearance the man has breast that look out of shape,  unhealthy and feminine. This condition is called gynecomastia, and can be treated with gynecomastia Thailand. This condition may be a result of hormonal changes, medications, or genetics.  Even healthy teenage boys can suffer from this issue, however, after one or two years after puberty goes away.

Perfect Solution for Men

As mentioned this condition can be treated effectively with gynecomastia Thailand so that a man will no longer have to be embarrassed about his breast.  Men that suffer from this condition might have health problems that are significant and encouraged to go see their doctor, in order, to rule our any underlying health issues. So is this procedure for you?

If you’re a man that’s self-conscious about your breast and want them to be reduced. This procedure is for you. The advantages of male breast reduction are both psychological and physical. After a man has undergone this surgery to get rid of  unattractive and sagging breast, and has pectorals that are better defined, the major muscles that were hidden are showed as they should be. 

Pre Requisites and Expected Results

The man will find that his shirts will fit better, and he’ll be able to wear shirts that are body-hugging or fitted.  The results of this breast reduction is permanent, however, the results can be compromised in a man that’s overweight significantly.  Before you undergo gynecomastia Thailand it’s best that you try to lose between 30 and 40 pounds of your ideal body weight.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, it’s most likely for the first week that you’ll be sore and you might also experience numbness, which should go away in two to four weeks. You may notice asymmetry, but for the first six weeks this is normal. If you have a sedentary job then you’ll be able to go back to work in three days, but most men return to work in a week. If your has the requirement of heavy lifting, you might have to wait two weeks before returning to work. For the skin contraction to be complete it can take between  3 to 12 months.

Complications & Risk

One of the most common complication of gynecomastia Thailand is incomplete removal of breast tissue or asymmetry.  Although, there’s some asymmetry, it’s not as noticeable in as it is in women. While a male breast reduction can rectify asymmetry, however, it’s irrational to expect that both of the breast will  be exactly the same. 

With the gynecomastia Thailand it’s unusual to have loss of sensation in the nipple, however, it’s not possible, but  the sensation will return in a few months.  Among these complications others, include risk of infection, healing of wounds, blood or fluid collection and irregularities in contour.  So with this surgery you can get rid of your embarrassing condition and  have the appearance of what the male should be and not have to be ashamed.