Chin augmentation Thailand: Improve the look of your chin

If you’re not happy with the way you r face looks  plastic surgeons can use implants that will emphasize the face. When you undergo chin augmentation Thailand the implants are used to create a harmonic look of your face, which will in able you to increase your self esteem. There are many different types of implants and made of different materials. The implants have the ability to bring out the jaw line and the cheeks, in order, to improve the proportions between the cheeks and the chin.

The Procedure

During chin augmentation Thailand surgeons use implants to accomplish improved balanced as well as result in a more youthful look.  Chin augmentation, which is also called mentoplasty is aimed to shape your chin by making it bigger or smaller.  If you wish to have a lager chin then it can be done so by the insertion of an implant or surgery, which will result in elongating the lower jaw.

In a majority of cases your surgeon may suggest chin augmentation for those who are also having nose surgery as to fit the new nose to the face, which will make for a more harmonic look. It’s important that when you are looked up from the side that the size of the nose should be in harmony with the chin.  The insertion of the implant can last from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

For chin augmentation Thailand your surgeon will design an implant that will fit your chin and will place into a “pocket”, which is located in the front of the chin. There’s a small incision that’s made inside the mouth near the lower lip or from the outside just underneath the chin. The surgeon will use local anesthesia along with sedative drugs and in some cases with general anesthesia.

After Surgery

  Once the surgery is completed, your chin will be bandaged by the use of plasters that’ll prevent the swelling as well as movement of the implant. In addition, the bandages will help in discomfort. After five to seven days, the stitches may be removed. In some cases the incision is made inside the mouth then melting stitches are used so there’s no need for removal.

As you may be well aware, every operation has risk. The risk that are involved with chin augmentation Thailand may include the movement from the original placement.  If this happens you’ll need to undergo another procedure to replace the implant. Although, infection is rare, if it should occur, it can be treated with antibiotics and it many be necessary to remove it and replace the implant.

After, chin augmentation Thailand you may experience a strange feeling surrounding the chin area. It’s normal usual to have difficulties in eating, talking and smiling.  In addition, there may be a chance of blue marks around the neck and chin.  Also you’ll be advised to not participate in any activities that can harm the chin.  Your surgeon will give you guidelines concerning hygiene and eating.  Keep in mind that the final results may take weeks up to month to notice the results so be patient.