Eyelid lift Thailand: Give your eyes a lift

If you want to have a pretty face you have to have beautiful eyes.  The way that your eyelids look are an important aspect of how beautiful your eyes are, but there are some people that do not have eyelids that are satisfactory so the appearance overall is decreased.   For these ones, eyelid lift Thailand is the ideal solution.

What does it Entail?

When you undergo eyelid lift in Thailand, the excess skin, fat or muscle are removed from the lower and upper eyelids.  This procedure will result in your eyes appearing young, fresh and renewed.  You’re an ideal candidate if you have upper or lower eyelids that a sagging or have puffy bags underneath the eyes or for ones that desire ‘double eyelids’.

The Procedure

The surgery involves the removal of extra skin, muscle, and fat, in order, to improve the appearance of the lower and upper eyelids. The eyelid lift can offer you the chance to alter the effects of the aging process or repair eyelids that are dissatisfactory.  In addition, the procedure also remove the hated puffy bags under the eyes and will rectify drooping eyelids that will give you a fresher and a look that’s younger.

During the eyelid lift Thailand incisions are mad in the natural folds in the eyelids, normally underneath the lashes of the lower eyelids as well in the upper eyelid creases.  The surgeon will separate the fatty tissue and the muscles that lie below from the skin. The undesired fat is removed and the sagging skin and tissue are trimmed.  After, surgical seams are used to close the incisions. Normally, the procedure can take up to one to three hours, which depends on your needs. The surgery is preformed on an outpatient bases so there’s no need for an hospital stay. 

After Surgery

After, you have the surgery you most likely will feel pain in the area of the eye when the effect of the anesthesia has worn off. For the first 24-hours you’ll be required to lie down with your head up and apply ice to the eyes, in order, to decrease the swelling and chances of hemorrhage. These side effects can last to weeks up to one month depending on the patient.

After Care

For the first six months, there’s a possibility that there may be pink scars, however, the scars will fade over time into a thin line and then into an invisible white line.  So when you go through eyelid lift Thailand you will go home with eyes that are youthful looking, clarity of vision and no dark under eye spots.  You’ll happily go home with eyes that look well rested and fresh.

When you’re finally sick of looking at your sagging and puffy eyes then you should consider eyelid lift Thailand as a solution to your problem. You’ll be glad that you did since when you look in the mirror you’ll no longer see the baggy and saggy eyes and the dark spots that love to live under the eyes.  The best part is that after being in Thailand you’ll go home relaxed and rejuvenated.