Face lift Thailand: Make your face beautiful

The aging process in not a walk in the park. As we become older the effects of everyday life, exposure to the sun and gravity have no mercy on our faces. Before we know it there are wrinkles that appear between the mouth and the nose, and the skin starts to loosen and drop below the jaw line and the unwanted skin and fat collect around the neck.  You need to remember though that  face lift Thailand you cannot stop the process of aging, but you can undo the effects by getting rid of extra fat and skin and by straitening the muscles.

The Procedure

Face lift Thailand can last anywhere from three to seven hours, and it can be longer if there’s more than one procedure being preformed.  Depending on your surgeon , he may choose to work on one side and then the other or he/she can decide to both sides at the same time. The position of the incisions and the scale of the operation will depend on the structure of  your face and the reification that needs to be done.  The incision, normally begins on the forehead and to the front of the ear and then behind the ear lobe, and an additional cut is made below the chin to correct the deck.

The skin will be separated from the fat, by the surgeon, and then removes extra fat and strengthens the muscles, then returns the fat pockets to where they belong.  When this is completed the surgeon will stretch the skin and cut what’s extra and close the incision with sutures. There’s normally a drainage tube that’s inserted on both sides of the face to allow secretions and blood to drain, in addition, to that for the first 24 hours your face will be bandaged.

Complications & Risk

All treatments and procedures have there risk and face lift is no different. Though, the risk are rare the include, damage to facial nerves, infection and bleeding. Delay in healing, and asymmetry of the face. If you’re a smoker then the chances of you having a longer recovery will increase.

After Surgery

After, the face lift Thailand you may experience pain or have discomfort once the recovery is completed, however, that can be easily treated with pain medication.  As a result of the procedure you may have a sensation of ants crawling, but this feeling will go away in a few weeks or month after the surgery. In a day or two the bandages are taken off and your face may appear swollen. There may also be an occurrence of  red or pale with bleeding spots, which will disappear in a few days up to a few weeks.

You’re able to get out of bed 24-hours after the face lift Thailand, however, you should keep from getting up on your own for up to a week, in order, to aid in the healing process.  For at least a month you should stay away from alcohol and hot tubs. The majority of people feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their face, however, after a few weeks the scars will heal and you’ll be able to see the results.